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June 18, 2008


Rick Waghorn

This begs one of the most annoying questions from VCs: “if this is such a threat to local news papers**, why aren’t they just doing it themselves?

And there’s the answer right there. They could. But they don’t. And that’s why there’ll always be great opportunities for smart entrepreneurs.

They could, but they can't... because of the geography. Qype does a deal with the Southampton Echo - that's NewsQuest; means they can do one with Brighton Evening Argus - that's NewsQuest too... but can't tie up the same deal with the Bristol Evening Post, that's Northcliffe... the Birmingham Mail, that's Trinity... the Norwich Evening News, that's Archant... Qype, Craig's List, e-bay, etc, etc are all geography-lite; the regional newspaper groups here and in the US aren't... and until you get editorial platforms that are similarly geography-lite and network-strong then Qype marrying up with the Echo won't happen... hence why we're trying to be smart with www.mylocalwriter.com/chandlersford - and then you tie the Qype reviews into that...



My complaint with Qype is the relevancy. When I search for a store or pub or whatever by name, guess what, I want info about that store or pub or whatever, not an ad for the pub that bought its way to the top. Bad advertiser and bad user experience.

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