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April 16, 2008



Mike's tweet was "Am wondering if TheFunded.com's VC ratings/model would be good or bad for the European VC scene, which is MUCH smaller than the US...?" - hardly suggesting the death of the European VC scene (which is MUCH smaller).


Good article Paul.

I have some additional issues with TheFunded.com. Notably that entrepreneurs pre funding have no access to all of the content. In that sense, only people raising a Series B get to see all of this. Be that as it may, I have looked at the Funded.com and didn't find it that useful. I think we are all different, so obviously different people will find different people good to work with. I have met many VCs in the last five years, unsure whether I would necessarily agree with other people's view on them.

Anyway, I think it is much more interesting to put it the other way round: What would actually be useful to entrepreneurs? What web service would really make sense? What would really add value in your view?


Interesting post. As an entrepreneur currently talking to some VCs, I have checked out theFunded.com and found most of its information entertaining at best, misguided at worst. To me, the simple problem is the one you briefly mention - there is a significant correlation between those who dont get traction with VCs and those who trash them. Its easier to blame VCs than being critical of one's own problems. I haven't raised a single dime, so I can't speak from experience, but in terms of advice and guidance, I've found most VCs very helpful. Yet the same guys have gotten some pretty negative feedback on thefunded. Entertainment sure, but with a grain of salt please.

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