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December 10, 2007



Interesting but it just seems to describe the evolution of affiliate marketing more than anything else.

Nic Brisbourne

Hi Paul - should have read this before really, and apologies for that. Not sure I agree either :).

The affiliate industry needs an aggregator - without it there is a many to many relationship between affiliates and merchants that is prohibitively difficult to manage for most people. There will always be a portion of the market that goes direct and you are also right that affiliates and networks are evolving as the market matures, but like every industry so long as you keep adding value you will be ok.

The other thing to remember is that affiliate remains a high growth category.

mirror mirror

I'll have to agree with you. You often have to ask, why even use an affiliate company, when using stats software you can track and pay revenues directly. A lot easier and helps build a rapport with the affiliate.

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