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December 04, 2007




Your recent series of posts on "online advertising" (the advert, etc.) are intriguingly insightful. So much so in fact, that I would suggest (respectfully) that you go back and consider all that you've ruminated on - and you may well have your own start-up. I'm as far from the advertising business as one can get but I think you're right - so far they're missing the point and opportunity. With some grist and a good team... you can knock this one.. with the right mill.
Anyway, I found your posts interesting.

Joe Fry

I do agree, to an extent...but online advertising isn't as easy to measure as one would like to think.


This article basically makes the same point, other than it focuses exclusively on online - only when a single currency is developed intra-disciplinarily can a cross-discipline or "standard set of methods" be developed.

And furthermore, is this even desirable? To the client, yes, but to creativity...I'm not so sure. When you talk about the industry 'returning to normal' as a result of standardized effectiveness measurement, what is this norm? Back in the good old days of creativity in ad agencies (an idealized view I'm sure, and perhaps not desirable today - but still, something you seem to allude to), there was a very different call for accountability.

The key is in balancing stats, quants and standardization with a creative, engaging and dynamic context for brands in a cross-platform space.

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