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November 26, 2007


James Penman

Using your format ...

The argument:

The most successful business model on the net is that of 'the advert-as-the-product'. The advert is part of the product on Google (and other search engines), the advert is the product on eBay, the advert is the product on shopping engines, the advert is the product on travel engines, the advert is the product in finance engines, the advert is the product in property engines, motor engines, classifieds engines, the list goes on. Stretch the concept and the advert is the product on social networks (ie the indivudual's page), on job sites, on niche sites centred on community forums etc, etc.

The opportunity.

Advertisers, via ad networks/platforms, need to be encouraged to give website owners/entrepreneurs more advertising tools and resources such that those website owners/entrepreneurs can either structure new business ventures around advertising or better to embed that advertising in the core function of the site. Much as companies have been encouraged to seed power to the users in Web 2.0, advertisers need further to be encouraged to seed power to website owners/entrepreneurs and even individuals to unlock creativity. Call it advertiser generated content as opposed to user generated content.

Your angle is VC investement and this should ensure a nice pipeline of sites from which to choose with solid revenue models. Indeed, it provides an opportunity to invest in the advertisers and ad networks/platforms themselves.


with regards the nikeplus: (1) they surface like people you would not have met before (2) who are inherently competitive, (3) gave them a hard-wired competitive comparison chart! The psychology of this is brilliant, and I don't think it's a mistake that it was nike that got it (i.e. they are sophisticated psychological marketers). The whole idea of "conspicious consumption as THE product" has deep roots in Marketing literature, and is at the core of the ideas behind Facebook beacon (I think).

Jamie Murray Wells

will web 3 be product adverts for products advertising products then?

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